Playing us Back to the Future

The Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association is actively working with the promoters of the Major Championships, and the Branch network is doing the same for the local contests, to confirm the Calendar of events for the 2022.

Preparatory work is underway behind the scenes, for example, agreeing the contracts and event licenses, meeting with the promoters and their events teams, undertaking site visits, confirming Adjudicator and Officials availability.

The details of the Major Championships have already been added to the 2022 Calendar on the Website, details of the local contests are in the process of being added to the template, and the full calendar of events will be published shortly.

The five Major Championships are:

21 May 2022British Pipe Band ChampionshipsGreenock
11 June  2022UK Pipe Band ChampionshipsLurgan
25 June 2022European Pipe Band ChampionshipsInverness
30 July 2022Scottish Pipe Band ChampionshipsDumbarton
12-13 August 2022The World Pipe Band ChampionshipsGlasgow

The Major Championship entry forms for reference will be made available on the Website at the same time the Website is opened to process Band and Drum Major entries.

After two years without competition, we hope this year will be a momentous occasion, and that as many bands as possible will come together once again to compete in the greatest spectacle of pipes and drums.   We cannot wait to see you again and to meet our bands (old and new) who we hope will come and join the competition. 

Alison Burke (CEO Designate)

For the Board of Directors

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