The British Pipe Band Championships – Bus Parking Update


Dear Participant

We are looking forward to welcoming you to an exciting day at Battery Park on Saturday 21st May and hope it is going to be a great competition for you.
Ahead of the day we have some very important instructions for bus parking.  There are no charges for bus parking and therefore no passes will be issued, we will keep your name on a list.


The bus park is inside Battery Park however in line with Police Scotland instructions, to avoid congestion on arrival at Eldon Street, we are creating a holding area for the buses at the top of the nearby Esplanade, shown with the red arrow on the map attached. Buses will be checked in between the red markers shown and they will be directed to the park when the entrance is clear to do so.  We will make this as quick and efficient as possible.

Buses should join this area when arriving from the East, by turning on to the Esplanade from Campbell Street or any of the adjacent streets until North Street.  The road will be closed beyond North Street except for the buses until all the buses are in the park.

There is only one entrance to the park with only one lane of traffic so please be aware when waiting to enter and exit the park and be patient.

Under no circumstances are buses to offload at the side of the road, outside the park. The entrance to the park must be kept clear. Please do not block the middle of the road or pull up outside the park. This is to avoid traffic congestion on the main road.

There is plenty of space within the park for buses and you will be directed to a space by the traffic management team.  Please adhere to their guidance.  This is a public park and there may be people around.

On leaving the park please take your time and be guided out by the traffic team. We know you are keen to leave however please be patient on departure.

There is no car parking onsite so if family members are coming along, they will need to park in the vicinity, or nearest public car park at Gourock Train Station, please ask them to plan ahead. Please be very aware of local parking restrictions in place around the park. 

We encourage the use of public transport and Fort Matilda train station is a 5 minute walk away.  There is a park and ride facility from Port Glasgow train station, where there is a large car park and it is a short train journey to Fort Matilda. There is also a regular bus service, please check with McGill’s buses.

Please note there are no BBQ’s allowed on the park and no access for Motorhomes on the park. 

We appreciate your cooperation in making this event as smooth as possible and getting all the bands off to a good start.

All the best for the competition,                

Inverclyde Council

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