Adult World Solo Drumming Snare Format Clarification for Competitors

The online entry form only contains a brief overview of the Adult WSD Format, the full details of the Adult Snare Drumming event is provided below.

Open to those Aged 18 years or over on the 1st November 2021 and registered with a Band Graded; Grade 4, Grade 3, Grade 2 or Grade 1.

All entrants must pre-qualify via either one of the RSPBA Solo Drumming Championships or one of the qualification heats on the day of the championships. To facilitate this the numbers to qualify from each event will be as follows:
A) 5 RSPBA Solo Drumming Championships – 4 qualifiers from each (total of 20)
B) Up to 3 qualification heats on the day of the championships – Maximum 4 qualifying from each heat.
This gives a maximum of 32 qualifying for the semi-final, split into 2 semi-finals with 6 qualifying from each of the semi-finals to make a final of 12.

All adult competitors should complete the entry form. The prequalifying entries to the Adult World Solo Drumming Championship, will automatically be entered into the semi-final stage of the competition.

The MSR Section and Hornpipe & Jig Section of the Adult Final have the same weighting factor.


Forms for each section will be provided to the competitors for the tunes to be written down so they can be announced / checked throughout the championships.
In their Qualifying Heat and the Semi Final a draw will take place just prior to the competitor’s performance to determine the MSR to be played from the two submitted. The draw in the Qualifying Heat is to align the criteria to the same conditions used by those who qualified from one of the RSPBA Solo Drumming Championships.

Finalists will be announced in the room where the semi-final took place, immediately following the completion of the semi-final.
In the Final the competitor will play the MSR not drawn in the semi-final round.
In the Final the competitor will play the submitted Hornpipes and Jigs.

MSR Section Format

Every competitor in the MSR Section must Submit two March, Strathspey and Reel sets.
In both of the MSR sets each tune is to have minimum of four parts, and the set is to be played without stopping in between tunes.

Hornpipe and Jig Section Format

For the Hornpipe & Jig Section the competitor must submit two Hornpipes and two Jigs.
Each tune is to have minimum of four parts, and is to be played without stopping in between tunes (A tune cannot comprise of two x 2 parted tunes).
The player should demonstrate knowledge of both the Dot / Cut and Open rhythm (/idioms) within their performance of the hornpipes.
The Hornpipes are to be played in sequence with the Dot / Cut first followed by the Open rhythm.  Any transitions within the hornpipes and jigs performance must limited to be a maximum of 4 bars. 

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