Pipe Band College – Outreach Education Pathways

SQA / PDQB Qualifications

The Pipe Band College offers a series of learning opportunities and qualifications delivered by RSPBA approved instructors. Qualifications are offered in:

  • SQA National Progression Awards SCQF Level 2 Chanter and SCQF Levels 3 to 6 Bagpipes;
  • SQA Professional Development Award SCQF Levels 7 to 8 Bagpipes;
  • SQA National Progression Awards SCQF Levels 2 to 6 Snare Drumming;
  • PDQB Levels 1 to 6 Bass and Tenor Drumming.

The documents below can be downloaded, they contain information regarding the SCQF/PDQB learning requirements for both Theory and Performance.

All theory papers are samples. (Please note – the theory expectations for both piping, snare drumming and bass/ tenor drumming are the same, with the exception of maintenance of instruments and music writing.

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