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Date: Sunday, 26th April 2015
Contributor: Pat Whelan - HQ

2015 Big Bang Summer School


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For the attention of pipers and drummers aged between 10 and 25 years, who aspire to play at the highest level - a fantastic opportunity to improve your piping and drumming, to increase your enjoyment in producing music and to meet new people involved in the Pipe Band World. This year, the RSPBA Summer School will be held Glasgow Gaelic School, Berkeley Street, Glasgow and promises to be a busy event. The Summer School will cost £160.00 and will be held over four days with a focus on teaching you the important musical knowledge and skills you require to play at the next levels.

You can register your interest for 2015 immediately by completing an online registration form

The syllabus will be based on the RSPBA's own Structured Learning Programme and the teaching team has a range of people from the top end of Pipe Band performance.

The Piping tuition team has:

  • Glen Brown - Pipe Sergeant with Shotts and Dykehead Caledonia
  • Dan Nevans - A fellow Piper with Glen in Shotts and Dykehead Caledonia
  • Keith Bowes - Pipe Major of Johnstone Pipe Band
  • Keith Bowes Senior - A piper with over forty years of experience in teaching and in leading Pipe Bands
  • John Nevans - The Summer School Principal, a former Pipe Major and now an adjudicator with the association

The Drumming tuition team has:

  • Allan Craig - leading drummer with Lomond and Clyde with a number of major successes under his belt
  • Danny Hughes - a drummer with Allan in his corps, Danny has experience as a teacher and player in many different settings
  • Louise Agoutis - Louise will lead the Tenor and Bass section for this year's school. Louise is a member of the championship winning Shotts and Dykehead Caledonia drum corps.

Some of our guests this year include:

  • Donald MacPhee - a Gold medal winning Worlds Champion in Piping
  • Blair Brown - A drummer who holds the world's championship title for his part in Shotts and Dykehead Caledonia's famous drum corps and also has had regular success in the World's Solo Drumming Championships.
  • Craig Munro - The Managing Director for Wallace Bagpipes, a solo and band performer and a Red Hot Chilli Piper

And perhaps one or two surprises yet to come.

The Summer School will visit Johnstone Pipe Band - recently promoted to Grade Two and working hard to do well and reach the next level.

The main focus of the Summer School is on you playing your pipes or drum and producing great music.

We will cover:

  • Instrument maintenance
  • Tuning
  • Solo performances
  • Band performances
  • How to read and write music
  • What Piobaireachd (Pibroch) is
  • How to approach Piobaireachd (Pibroch)

Last year's summer school was a great success. You can help us make this year's even better.

You can register your interest for 2015 immediately by completing an online registration form

Pat Whelan
Education Officer, RSPBA HQ


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