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Date: Wednesday, 18th July 2018
Contributor: John Hughes - HQ

Band Placement at World Championships


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Bands have asked for clarity on the process used to place the bands in the qualifying heats of the Worlds. The background to this process comes from a recommendation from the Music Board to the Board of Directors in 2012, and a precis of the relevant paragraph has been reproduced below.

This is the process which has been followed since 2013.

John B Hughes

(Extract from Music Board Minute of 15th April 2012)

For grades 2 & 3 the playing requirements for the heats and final would alternate from year to year, i.e. qualify using MSR with Medley in the Final and the opposite the year after and so on. For all years the Grade 2 MSR would be drawn on the line, irrespective of whether it was a qualification heat or final.

As discussed at previous Music Board meetings, a system of placement for the top 12 bands within each grade is to be operated for the 2-day World Championships. For Grade 1 this will be based upon the previous year's results. For the other grades, the top 12 bands based upon results gained in the championships that year prior to the closing date for entries to the Worlds, will be allocated. The detail of the process to be followed is attached to this minute as an appendix.

Appendix 1:

In order to ensure an even allocation of bands in qualification heats a system of placement of the top 12 bands to be used. This system to apply to all grades.

The number of qualification heats to be used to be determined by the number of entries in each grade, to the Championships, i.e. 24-46 entries, 2 heats; 47-68 entries, 3 heats and 69 or greater entries, 4 heats. The top 6 from each heat to qualify for a final to determine the overall winner of the grade. Where 4 or more heats are used then a semi-final will be introduced. The order of play for all qualification heats will be carried forward to semi-finals and finals and will be determined at the time of the draw for the contest.

1. Grade 1.
The top 12 bands will be identified by the result of the World Championships in the previous year. Even numbers will be allocated to one heat and the odd numbers to the other heat.

2. All Other Grades.
The top 12 bands will be identified by combining the results of the Championships in the same year, prior to the date of the draw for the World Championships. Where ties occur, standard and existing separation criteria to be used.

3. Dependent upon the number of qualification heats, bands will then be evenly distributed to those heats, i.e. for 2 heats as per the grade 1 system above, for 3 heats numbers 1, 4, 7 and 10 to a heat; numbers 2, 5, 8 and 11 to another heat and 3, 6, 9 and 12 to the remaining heat, and so on for four heats.

4. The remaining bands in the draw will then be randomly drawn into heats by means of alternating allocation, i.e. the first band drawn to heat 1, the second to heat 2, etc. until each heat has been allocated a band and then the process repeated until all bands have been allocated a heat.

5. A random draw will then take place to determine the order of the heats, i.e. which is heat 1, heat 2, heat 3 etc.

6. Once the order of the heats is known, a random draw for the order of play within each heat will be made, starting with heat 1. The numbering of subsequent heats (2, 3, 4 etc.) will commence from the last numbered band in the previous heat. For example, if heat 1 contains 10 bands, heat 2 will commence from 11 onwards and so on.


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