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Date: Saturday, 20th October 2018
Contributor: Bruce Cargill - Musicboard Convenor

Grade 4 Survey Results


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The results of the grade 4 Survey are published below

The Musicboard and Board of Directors would like to thank the bands who replied to the Grade 4 Survey.

The Musicboard have analysed the results of the survey which was issued to 203 grade 4 bands There was a disappointingly low return considering the perceived dissatisfaction with the current format. Only 17% of eligible bands replied, but of those who did the results are shown below.

Question 1 - Do you feel the competition playing criteria is appropriate for your grade?

  • 72% of Respondents are happy with the current playing requirements
  • 14% of Respondents are unhappy with the current playing requirements
  • 8% didnít answer the question
  • 6% were undecided
Question 2 - Do you feel this format provides a level playing field within your grade?
  • 72% of Respondents are happy that the competition format provides a level playing field
  • 8.5% of Respondents do not think it is a level playing field
  • 11% didnít answer the question
  • 8.5% were undecided
Below are some of the Questions and answers to comments made on the returned survey sheets:
Some bands would like to be able to play other time signatures i.e. 4/4, 3/4.etc
Playing criteria are set at this only for the 5 Majors, it is up to the Branches to use the current rules that allow bands to play different time signature, as long as it falls within the current time limit for grade 4

Why canít we play 3 x 4 parted tunes in our MSR
Some Grade 4A bands do not appear to know it is acceptable to play 3 x 4 parted tunes from the prescribed list in the MSR.

The Prescribed tune list is boring
All bands can suggest tunes for review and should send a copy of the setting to the Musicboard through the e-mail given on the front page of the prescribed tune list page on the RSPBA Web site.

Should the list of Tunes be graded on degree of difficulty
There is a wide range of tunes to suit all abilities and each band is different, what one band deems an easy tune another may find difficult.

Change grade names to 1,2,3,4,5 etc.
Currently there is no plan to change grade names.

Following the above survey there will be no change to the Grade 4 playing requirements at Major championships.

We look forward to receiving tunes from bands to review for possible inclusion in the prescribed tune list going forward.

Best Regards
Bruce Cargill
Musicboard Convenor


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