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Date: Tuesday, 20th November 2018
Contributor: Michael O'Neill - Music Board

Example Drum Scores for Prescribed Tune List


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The sample drum scores provided (snare, bass and tenor) have been written to compliment the pipe melodies and to give examples of scores that could be used to help a band to achieve good ensemble effect in their performance. The scores are written to cater for drum corps from those just starting out on their journey at RSPBA competitions, to those drum corps who have more competitive experience.

These scores provide opportunities to progress the players in the drum corps as the technical demands of the scores increase. It is vital that band/drum corps leaders select scores that are within the capabilities of the drum corps. Clearly, if the technical demands of the scores are too high for the players, they will be unable to perform them to a good standard.

These scores are by no means an exhaustive list and there is no requirement for bands to use the example scores. They are provided to assist bands at the lower levels on their progressive musical journey through the grades.

More drum scores will be added in the near future, which will include more 4 parted scores.

Click here for the prescribed tune list and look for the link for "Sample Snare, Bass and Score" next to the tune names.

Michael O'Neill
RSPBA Music Board


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