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Date: Thursday, 1st August 2019
Contributor: Ian Embelton - HQ

Breaking Ties for Grade 1 World's with less than 18 Bands


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We currently have a rule in place (4.68) which is the process for breaking ties in a contest where the final result is decided by the combined performance totals.

1st Preference - Ensemble combined overall totals

2nd Preference - Piping combined overall totals

3rd Preference - Drumming combined overall totals

4th Preference - Ensemble total in MSR contest

5th Preference - Ensemble total in Medley contest

After some work it was discovered that there was a mathematic possibility that even after the 5 preferences have been exhausted there could still be a tie. After discussions with the Chief Executive and the Chairman, the Music Board have agreed that the best way to deal with this unlikely scenario of a tie after the five preferences, is to apply the above preference criteria again based on the two performances on the Saturday only.


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