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Pipe Band College - Certificate of Pipe Band Musicianship - Introduction

The development of the CPBM is the most Advanced study that considers the Pipe Band as a complete entity

The RSPBA CPBM Program is offered in 2 phases:

Part 1 of the Certificate of Pipe Band Musicianship

Part 2 of the Certificate of Pipe Band Musicianship


To provide the candidates with further levels of underpinning knowledge and competency regarding the Practical Performance aspects and Theoretical understanding of the CPBM Part 1 Program, and: To further develop the underpinning knowledge achieved in CPBM Part 1 and develop the Candidates Practitioner and Musicianship skill sets through their participation in the CPBM Part 2 process.

The CPBM is a Multi – Faceted study program that engages the Candidate in all aspects of development strategies that they may encounter in their involvement within a Pipe Band environment.

The program is delivered by Lecture and supported online Assignments.

The RSPBA Certificate of Pipe Band Musicianship is awarded on successful completion of Part 1 and Part 2.

Further information regards the Syllabus, Entry Criteria and Assessment Expectations can be found on the RSPBA learning site.

Tom Brown
Principal of Musicianship
Pipe Band College

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