Meeting Dates

Friday  January5 APMB
Saturday  January13 Music Board (plus optional Liaison Group Meeting)
Monday January15 SOSC
Thursday  January18 Finance Insurance and Maintenance
Saturday January20 Pipe Band College
Saturday   January27 Board Meeting
Friday February9 APMB
Saturday February24 Music Board
Monday February26 SOSC
Friday March2 Finance Insurance and Maintenance
Friday    March8 APMB
Saturday   March 9 AGM
Sunday   March 17 Pipe Band College
Monday April1 SOSC
Saturday   April 12 FIMC Meeting
Saturday April 20 Music Board (plus optional Liaison Group Meeting)
ThursdayApril27Board Meeting
Outdoor Season
Friday    September13 APMB
Saturday   September14 Pipe Band College
Saturday September21 Music Board
Monday September23 SOSC
Saturday October5 Board Meeting
Friday October11 APMB
Friday October11 Finance Meeting
ThursdayOctober19World Solo Drumming
Sunday   November2 Adjudicators’ AGM
Saturday   November 9 Pipe Band College
Saturday   November16 Music Board (plus optional Liaison Group Meeting)
Monday November18 SOSC
ThursdayNovember 22FIMC Meeting
Saturday December7 Board Meeting
Saturday   December7 Stewards/Compilers
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