2 Parted Marches

Tune Name Pipe Score Sample Drum Score Note
Achany Glen [pdf] Added for 2015
Atholl and Breadalbane Gathering [pdf] Revised for 2015
Auchmountain’s Bonnie Glen [pdf] Revised for 2015
Australian Ladies [pdf] [pdf] Revised for 2015
Campbell’s Farewell to Redcastle [pdf] [pdf] Revised for 2015
Captain Norman Orr Ewing [pdf] Added for 2015
College of Piping’s March to Tatamagouche [pdf] Added for 2023
Coppermill [pdf] Added for 2020
Corn Rigs are Bonny [pdf] Added for 2020
Corriechoillies 43rd Welcome to the Northern Meeting [pdf] [pdf] Revised for 2015
Donald MacLean’s Farewell to Oban [pdf] Added for 2015
Donald Maclellan of Rothesay [pdf] Added for 2023
Dornoch Links [pdf] Added for 2017
Duncan MacInnes [pdf] Added for 2015
Dundee Military Tattoo [pdf] Added for 2015
Glen Caladh Castle [pdf] Added for 2018
Greenwood Side [pdf] Revised for 2015
High Road To Gairloch [pdf] [pdf] Added for 2015
Highland Laddie [pdf] Added for 2019
Highland Lassie Going To The Fair [pdf] Added for 2019
Hills of Perth [pdf] [pdf] Added for 2015
Hugh Kennedy M.A., B.Sc. [pdf] Added for 2018
I’ll Gang Nae Mair Tae Yon Toon [pdf] Revised for 2015
Jenny’s Bawbee [pdf] Revised for 2015
John MacMillan of Barra [pdf] Added for 2015
King George V’s Army [pdf] Added for 2015
Lady Lever Park [pdf] Added for 2019
MacKay’s Farewell to the 74th [pdf] Revised for 2015
Mairi Bhan [pdf] [pdf] Revised for 2015
Major C M Usher O.B.E. [pdf] Revised for 2015
McKay’s Polka [pdf] Added for 2019
McKenzie Highlanders [pdf] [pdf] Revised for 2015
Men of Argyll [pdf] [pdf] Revised for 2015
Miss Delicia Chisholm [pdf] Added for 2015
Mrs H.L. MacDonald of Dunach [pdf] Added for 2015
Muir of Ord [pdf] [pdf] Added for 2015
Pipe Major Bob Brown’s Farewell to the Ballochbuie [pdf] Added for 2023
Pipe Major William Ross’s Farewell to the Scots Guards [pdf] Revised for 2015
Pipe Major Willie Gray [pdf] [pdf] Added for 2017
Prince Charles Welcome to Lochaber [pdf] Added for 2015
Rantin ‘Rovin’ Robin [pdf] Revised for 2015
Teribus [pdf] [pdf] Revised for 2015
The 25th K.O.S.B.’s Farewell to Meerut [pdf] Revised for 2015
The 51st Highland Division at Wadi Akarit [pdf] Added for 2015
The 72nd Highlanders Farewell to Aberdeen [pdf] [pdf] Revised for 2015
The 79th’s Farewell to Gibraltar [pdf] Added for 2015
The Barnyards of Delgaty [pdf] Updated 6 October 2022
The Barren Rocks of Aden [pdf] Added for 2018
The Brown Haired Maiden [pdf] [pdf] Revised for 2015
The Burning of the Piper’s Hut [pdf] Added for 2018
The Canadian Scottish [pdf] Added for 2023
The Drunken Piper [pdf] Revised for 2015
The Earl of Mansfield [pdf] [pdf] Revised for 2015
The Haughs of Cromdale [pdf] Added for 2015
The Inverness Gathering [pdf] Added for 2019
The Liberton Pipe Band [pdf] Added for 2015
The Lovat Scouts [pdf] Added for 2023
The Pipers Cave (originally known as Miss Ainslie Grant – Duff) [pdf] Revised for 2015
The Rhodesian Regiment [pdf] Added for 2015
The River Irvine [pdf] Added for 2020
The Siege of Delhi [pdf] Added for 2015
The Sweet Maid of Glendaruel [pdf] [pdf] Revised for 2015
The Taking of Beaumont Hamel [pdf] Added for 2019
The Weary Maid [pdf] Added for 2018
The White Cockade [pdf] Added for 2020
Walter Douglas M.B.E. [pdf] Added for 2015
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