2 Parted Strathspeys

Tune Name Pipe Score Note
A.A. Cameron’s Strathspey [pdf] Added for 2020
Archie Duncan [pdf] Added for 2016
Arniston Castle [pdf] Added for 2016
Aspen Bank [pdf] Revised for 2014
Because he was a Bonny Lad [pdf] Revised for 2014
Campbeltown Kiltie Ball [pdf] Revised for 2014
Captain Colin Campbell [pdf] Added for 2016
Captain Horne [pdf] Revised for 2014
Castle MacGillivray [pdf] Added for 2018
Clementina’s Strathspey [pdf] Added for 2020
Colonel MacLeod [pdf] Revised for 2014
Dalnahassaig [pdf] Revised for 2014
Donaldbane [pdf] Added for 2018
Dora MacLeod [pdf] Added for 2020
Dornie Ferry [pdf] Added for 2016
Dorrotor Bridge [pdf] Added for 2016
Highland Harry [pdf] Added for 2016
Highland Whisky [pdf] updated 7th October 2022
J F MacKenzie [pdf] Revised for 2014
Jennifer Finlayson [pdf] Added for 2016
Kathleen Mala [pdf] Added for 2016
Lady Carmichael’s Strathspey [pdf] Added for 2018
Lady MacKenzie of Fairburn [pdf] Revised for 2014
Lady MacKenzie of Gairloch [pdf] Revised for 2017
Loudens Bonnie Woods and Braes [pdf] Revised for 2014
MacBeth’s Strathspey [pdf]
Maggie Cameron [pdf] Added for 2016
McPhedran’s Strathspey [pdf] Revised for 2014
Miss Jackson [pdf] Added for 2020
Molly Connell [pdf] Revised for 2014
Munlochy Bridge [pdf] Revised for 2014
Nellie’s Strathspey [pdf] Added for 2020
O’er The Bows To Ballindalloch [pdf] Revised for 2014
Orange and Blue [pdf] Revised for 2014
Pipe Major Hector MacLean [pdf] Added for 2016
Seonaidh’s Tune [pdf] Revised for 2014
Strathconnon [pdf] Added for 2020
Struan Robertson [pdf] Added for 2016
Susan MacLeod [pdf] Added for 2016
The Caledonian Canal [pdf] Added for 2016
The Cowal Society [pdf] Added for 2020
The Fiddler’s Joy [pdf] Added for 2019
The Inverness Fiddler [pdf] Added for 2020
The Inverness Rant [pdf] Revised for 2014
The Keel Row [pdf] Revised for 2014
The Maids of the Black Glen [pdf] Added for 2018
The Market Place of Inverness [pdf] Revised for 2014
The Marquis of Huntly [pdf] Revised for 2019
The Oyster Wives’ Rant [pdf] Added for 2020
The Smiths a Gallant Fireman [pdf] Revised for 2014
The Spirits of Old Pulteney [pdf] Added for 2020
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