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Total Number of Unique Bands: 715

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Band Name Pipe
Secretary Band
2021 Fee
Annual Fees &
Championship Entries
1 Scots Paul Burns Michael Munro FOUR B 1061 No
101 Northumbrian Regiment R.A (v) Craig Noble Michael Barnes TWO 152 No
12 Wing RCAF - Canada Katherine Buckland Bhreagh MacDonald FOUR A 1186 No
1st Bagpipe Band of Switzerland - Happy-Pipers of Lucerne - Switzerland Heinz Weyermann Erich Wigger FOUR B 435 Yes
1st Largs Boys Brigade James Elmslie Craig Muirhead FOUR B 56 No
1st Royal Tank Regiment Pipes and Drums Jonathon Willoughby John Daulby FOUR B 136 No
1st Troon Boys Brigade Christopher Bone Fiona Broadlie NOVICE JUVENILE B 1 Yes
2622 (Highland) Squadron R.A.F Peter Morrice John Grant THREE A 408 No
2622 (Highland) Squadron R.A.F Robert Allan John Grant FOUR B 1096 No
3rd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland Alistair Tripney Craig Lowe THREE B 993 No
400 Tactical Helicopter Squadron Pipes and Drums - Canada No Registered PM Lawrence Barley TWO 808 No
47TH Culter Boys Brigade Andrew Patterson Tanisha Gatson NOVICE JUVENILE B 254 Yes
6th/8th Dundee Boys Brigade No Registered PM David Marr THREE A 573 No
78th Fraser Highlanders - Canada Douglas MacRae Sharon Duthart ONE 449 Yes
78th Highlanders (Halifax Citadel) - Canada Alex Gandy Roderick MacLean ONE 614 No
8 Wing Trenton - Canada James MacIntyre James MacIntyre FOUR B 451 No
87th Cleveland Pipe Band - U.S.A Michael Crawley Marie Diamond FOUR A 1059 No
92nd North Fox Francois Goebel Arnaud Coupry-Lawrie FOUR B 1120 No
96th Highlanders Pipes and Drums - Canada No Registered PM Lori Newman FOUR B 821 No
Aarhus Pipes and Drums - Denmark No Registered PM Lonny Kraegpoth FOUR A 446 No
Aberdeenshire Schools Owen Chalmers Nicholas Gibson NOVICE JUVENILE B 1172 Yes
Achill - Eire Liam Dever Emmet Callaghan FOUR A 823 No
Achill - Eire David McNamara Emmet Callaghan FOUR B 1116 No
Alanya Byg Holbaek - Denmark No Registered PM Rune Jensch THREE A 550 No
Alberta Caledonia - Canada No Registered PM Hugh Armstrong ONE 447 No
Alloa Bowmar David Russell Geoffrey Kay FOUR B 310 No
Altnaveigh Memorial David Hanna Linda Gibson FOUR B 165 Yes
Alyth and District Gordon Barton Karen Barton FOUR B 757 No
Ampleforth Highlanders Bryan Robinson Bryan Robinson FOUR B 797 No
Annan and District Pipes & Drums Christopher Phair Joyce Phair FOUR B 692 No
Annsborough Brendan Mullen Roland Moore TWO 234 No
Antrim Thomas Wallace Melanie Logan FOUR B 166 No
Antwerp and District - Belgium Thomas Kerkhof Kurt Somers THREE A 499 No
Arbroath Ryan Kennedy Morag McKenzie THREE B 651 Yes
Ardross Pipe Band Paul Harrison Marina Harrison FOUR B 1043 No
Arklow - Eire John Earls Ray Finn FOUR A 608 No
Arklow - Eire Chris Earls Ray Finn FOUR B 1006 No
Armaghbreague Sydney Lowry Raymond Lowry FOUR A 167 No
Ashbourne and District James Dungavel Kenneth Garrett FOUR B 139 No
Askol Ha Brug - France Yves Tripon Philippe Caillet FOUR B 695 No
Atlantic Watch - U.S.A. No Registered PM Ernest Lackey FOUR B 674 No
Auckland and District - New Zealand Ben McLaughlin John Russell ONE 1136 No
Augharan Leslie Willis Alastair Brown THREE B 168 Yes
Augharonan Jim McElrath Jim McElrath FOUR B 169 No
Aughintober Gary Watterson Carol Murray TWO 170 No
Ayr Pipe Band Society James Jamieson Karen Harley THREE B 3 Yes
Ayr Pipe Band Society David McLauchlan Karen Harley FOUR B 1143 No
Badenoch and Strathspey Christopher Thomson Denise Scott FOUR B 1034 Yes
Bagad Cap Caval - France No Registered PM Laurent Moal TWO 468 No
Bagad Kemper - France No Registered PM Claude Houez ONE 625 No
Balagan - Denmark Jan Joensen Bendix Steckmetz THREE A 460 No
Ballater and District James Cooper Lynne Fraser FOUR B 256 No
Ballyboley Andrew McAnally Catherine Weatherup FOUR A 172 Yes
Ballybriest Arnold Mitchell Karen Bell THREE A 173 No
Ballycoan No Registered PM Alfie Rea TWO 174 No
Ballycoan Youth Development Brian Rea Brian Rea FOUR A 871 No
Ballydonaghy Alistair McCleery Patricia Pedlow FOUR B 175 Yes
Barrhead and District Iain Grant Claire Flynn FOUR B 1089 Yes
Battle Born Pipes and Drums - U.S.A. No Registered PM John Logiurato FOUR B 924 No
Battlehill Dean Faloon Carolyn Faloon THREE A 179 Yes
Baul Muluy - Germany No Registered PM Julia Willer THREE B 488 No
Beatrix - Netherlands Gilian Hettinga Tom Van Wingerden FOUR B 568 No
Beauly Firth and Glens No Registered PM Nic Skinner THREE B 487 No
Beinn an Tuirc Kintyre Julie Blue Fiona Watson THREE A 745 No
Beinn Gorm Highlanders - Canada Sheila Stewart Rudi Cromwell FOUR B 1209 No
Belgian Blend - Belgium Andrew Tierney Sebastian Houston THREE B 642 No
Bellaghy Robert Campbell Shirley Campbell FOUR B 180 No
Ben Nevis - Canada Kevin Thompson Patricia Edgar-Brown THREE B 1020 No
Benoni Mac-talla B - South Africa No Registered PM Hilary Webber THREE A 589 No
Bergen Irish - USA Brian Clancy James Higgins FOUR A 1171 No
Bergen Pipes and Drums - Norway No Registered PM Kirstine Folmann FOUR B 979 No
Bessbrook Crimson Arrow Pipe Band Gareth O'Brien Joanne Spence FOUR A 1009 Yes
Beverley and District Paul Wright Alexander Crompton FOUR B 155 No
Big Rock - Canada No Registered PM Scott Palmer FOUR B 444 No
Birmingham Irish Pipes and Drums William Grigg Richard Turner FOUR B 620 No
Black Raven - Eire Paul Russell Seamus Russell FOUR B 396 No
Black Watch Association Stephen Beattie Christopher Buckley FOUR B 141 No
Bleary and District Nigel Davison Gail Graham ONE 182 No
Blue Stone - Belgium Michel Maillard Roger Martens FOUR B 1021 No
Bo'ness Colin McCluckie Harriet Archer FOUR A 312 No
Bolton Caledonia No Registered PM Alec Bingham FOUR B 965 No
Bothwell Castle Brian Donnachie Brian Donnachie THREE A 917 No
Bowhill and District Andrew Mathieson David Houston FOUR A 1037 No
Brasil Caledonia - Brazil No Registered PM Cristiano Bicudo FOUR B 1003 No
Bready Ulster Scots Darren Milligan Carol Campbell FOUR B 253 No
Brieg - France Matthieu Le Faucheur Florian Droual TWO 577 No
Brisbane Boys' College Pipe Band - Australia Vaughn Parker Steven Stanley NOVICE JUVENILE A 1024 No
Brisbane Boys' College Pipe Band - Australia John James Allan Steven Stanley NOVICE JUVENILE B 1156 No
British Airways Pamela Pearson FOUR B 429 No
Broughshane and District David Reid Colin Cupples THREE B 932 No
Buccleuch and Queensberry Caledonia Kenneth Prentice Stewart McCrae FOUR B 4 No
Buchan Jack McGowan Malc Sweet FOUR A 1207 Yes
Buchan Peterson Peter Morrice Malc Sweet TWO 270 Yes
Bucksburn and District Jamie Tough Gemma Pratt TWO 261 Yes
Bucksburn and District Novice Neil Mitchell Trudi Wildgoose NOVICE JUVENILE B 954 Yes
Burntisland and District Keith Muirhead John Venters THREE B 1055 No
Burntisland and District Craig Hooper John Venters NOVICE JUVENILE B 1140 No
C.O.P Pipes and Drums Gary Carruthers Catriona MacCalman THREE B 948 No
Cambridgeshire Caledonian Callum Campbell Iain Soutter FOUR B 851 No
Camelon and District James Gavin Shelly Llewellyn FOUR A 315 Yes
Canberra Burns Club - Australia Ian Carruthers Alexander Lawson FOUR A 599 No
Canberra Burns Club Pipe Band - Australia Athol Chalmers Alexander Lawson THREE A 1004 No
Canterbury Caledonian Society - New Zealand Jamie Hawke Courtney Williamson ONE 884 No
Cape Breton University - Canada Trevor Kellock Trevor Kellock FOUR B 1206 No
Capital City - USA Brian Batty Nancy Gettinby FOUR B 1050 No
Capital District Youth Pipe Band Maureen Connor Maureen Connor NOVICE JUVENILE A 1178 No
Carlow - Eire Paul Dempsey Paul Dempsey FOUR A 1167 No
Carnoustie and District Andrew Brown FOUR B 817 No
Carrigaline - Eire No Registered PM Erica Breen FOUR B 702 No
Catamount - U.S.A Harry Schlott Nicole MacHarg FOUR B 989 No
Catamount - U.S.A. Iain MacHarg Nicole MacHarg FOUR A 900 No
Celtic (Nelson) - New Zealand Kate Cowin Helen Gilchrist FOUR B 1193 No
Celtic (Nelson) - New Zealand Callum Gilchrist Helen Gilchrist TWO 1192 No
Chorley, Croft and Culcheth Kenneth Smith Pauline Grace FOUR A 309 Yes
City of Bradford Robert Jenkins Robert Newton FOUR B 163 No
City of Brechin Craig Black Gloria Nicoll THREE A 21 No
City of Brechin Craig Black George Wood FOUR B 794 Yes
City of Bristol Sandy Kemlo Sarah Stacey FOUR B 1131 No
City of Chicago - USA Patrick Lynch Andrew Koinacki THREE A 1159 No
City of Cockburn - Australia June Corcoran June Corcoran FOUR B 684 No
City of Discovery Ross McGregor Gill Carlin TWO 1049 Yes
City of Dunedin - U.S.A. No Registered PM Ray Phipps ONE 489 No
City of Dunedin - U.S.A. Iain Donaldson Marcus Tardif ONE 490 Yes
City of Edinburgh David Clunie Paul White TWO 361 Yes
City of Edinburgh Schools Brian Lamont Barry Donaldson THREE B 1132 No
City of Edinburgh Schools Pipe Band Gordon Campbell Gordon Carruthers FOUR B 1032 No
City of Exeter Pipes and Drums Robert Hay Alexander Muirhead FOUR B 114 No
City of Inverness Scott Taylor Liza MacFarquhar THREE A 1084 Yes
City of Inverness Youth Lewis Barclay Gail Campbell NOVICE JUVENILE B 1086 No
City of Limerick - Eire No Registered PM Philip Doran FOUR A 730 No
City of Liverpool Pipes and Drums Dennis Robinson Mark Wyness FOUR B 836 No
City of London Stephen Cussen Darrell Braiden TWO 1126 Yes
City of Manchester Michael Quinn Jeanette Taylor THREE B 298 No
City of Newcastle Bryan Robinson Alan Jamieson THREE A 741 Yes
City of Norwich Roger Bayes Ian Soulsby FOUR B 619 No
City of Plymouth Gordon Macaoidh Ian Kempsell FOUR B 115 Yes
City of Preston Pipes and Drums Francis Barlow Ian Scott FOUR B 299 No
City of Queanbeyan - Australia No Registered PM Jan Smith FOUR B 723 No
City of Regina - Canada Iain MacDonald Barbara MacDonald TWO 658 No
City of Rochester Tony Daniel Anne Fraser-Reed FOUR B 116 No
City of Sails - New Zealand Kerry Ballantyne Jane Murray FOUR B 1025 No
City of Sails - New Zealand Kerry Ballantyne Jane Murray THREE B 1029 No
City of Sheffield Keith Arnott Pauline Arnott FOUR B 296 No
City of St Andrews Sara Isaac Dawn Waddell NOVICE JUVENILE B 1218 No
City of St. Andrews No Registered PM Dawn Waddell THREE B 39 No
City of St. Andrews Sara Isaac Dawn Waddell FOUR B 878 Yes
City of Timaru - New Zealand No Registered PM Helen McLeod FOUR A 837 No
City of Washington - U.S.A. No Registered PM Monica McClamrock TWO 453 No
City of Wellington - New Zealand No Registered PM Euan Galloway ONE 421 No
City of York Laura Simpson Karen Hayes FOUR B 585 No
Claddagh Mhor - U.S.A Thomas Ryan Jodi Ryan FOUR B 1183 No
Clan Macbeth - Netherlands No Registered PM Regiena Ploeger FOUR B 476 No
Clan MacPherson - USA Dr. Amy McGlothlin Dandall Samost FOUR B 1110 No
Claymore Pipes and Drums - Germany Stefan Rau Mike Dahlmanns FOUR B 563 Yes
Cleland Memorial Caldwell Hamilton Jim Callaghan THREE B 188 Yes
Clogher and District Kyle Duddy Serena Young THREE A 869 Yes
Clontibret - Eire Wilson Jebb Wilson Jebb FOUR A 807 No
Closkelt William Chesney Erinn McIlwaine ONE 761 Yes
Cloughfin Conor McCallion Don McGurk FOUR A 923 No
Coalburn I.O.R No Registered PM Lynn Cochrane TWO 819 No
Coalburn I.O.R. Steven McCall Jean Allardyce THREE A 899 Yes
Coastal Scottish - Australia No Registered PM Julia Christensen THREE B 834 No
Cockenzie and Port Seton RBL Roderick Paton Marina Ritchie FOUR B 1044 No
Colchester Pipes and Drums Paul Young Andrew Millman FOUR B 841 Yes
Colmcille Mark Hasson Brian Hasson THREE A 190 Yes
Cologne Caledonian - Netherlands No Registered PM Pieter Van De Vorle FOUR B 536 No
Colum Cille Pipes and Drums - U.S.A. Leo Paul Pelletier Kerry Cutler FOUR B 894 No
Columbia Regional - USA Judy Morrison John Hale THREE B 1063 No
Communities of Cardenden Andrew Downie Joann Lindsay FOUR B 1078 No
Concord - Netherlands Bart J Elders Hemmy Vasterink THREE A 517 No
Copenhagen Caledonian - Denmark No Registered PM Per Norklit FOUR B 467 No
Coriovallum - Netherlands Rene Dammer Michiel Hoofs THREE B 526 No
Corpus Christi Pipes and Drums - Eire No Registered PM Andrew O'Byrne FOUR A 423 No
Cottown John Griffiths Agnes Griffiths TWO 191 No
Coupar Angus Burgh Callum Douglas Daniel MacRitchie FOUR B 479 No
Cowal Scott Wilson Margaret MacBrayne FOUR A 826 No
Craigmount Caledonia James Barnes James Barnes THREE A 509 No
Craigmount High School Marion Campbell NOVICE JUVENILE B 947 No
Crieff High School Ronan Russell Gillian Murchie FOUR B 868 No
Crimlin Batafada - Eire John Curran Sheila Coll FOUR B 1070 No
Cross Borders - Spain Bjorn Heuckeroth Bjorn Heuckeroth THREE B 1200 No
Crozier Memorial David Campbell Nyree Crozier FOUR A 192 No
Cullen - Eire Con Houlihan Collette O'Connor TWO 416 No
Cullen - Eire Con Houlihan Collette O'Connor FOUR A 1104 No
Cullybackey No Registered P/M Valerie Hume ONE 194 No
Cullybackey Warren Robinson Valerie Hume THREE B 251 Yes
Culter and District Grant Noble Tanisha Gatson FOUR A 255 Yes
Dartmouth and District - Canada Blaise Theriault Cheryl Chambers THREE A 946 No
Davidson's Main and District Junior Isabella Webster Clare Miller NOVICE JUVENILE B 1040 No
De La Salle Scout Group - Eire No Registered PM Pat Murphy FOUR B 728 No
Deeside Caledonia Robert D M Grant Sarah Mitchell THREE A 263 Yes
Deeside Caledonia Craig Moir Jeanette Lowe FOUR B 863 No
Denny and Dunipace Gleneagles Craig Whyte Susan Stafford THREE A 316 Yes
Denny and Dunipace Gleneagles TWO 317 No
Derryclavin Gordon McKeown Florence Brownlee FOUR A 196 No
Dewan Pipes and Drums - Oman Abdullah Alhabsi Colin Fairbairn FOUR B 1039 No
Dingwall R.B.L Branch Mel Langille Shona Vance FOUR B 970 Yes
Dollar Academy Matthew Wilson Craig Stewart JUVENILE 791 Yes
Dollar Academy Callum Beaumont Craig Stewart NOVICE JUVENILE A 990 Yes
Dollar Academy Craig Stewart Craig Stewart NOVICE JUVENILE B 1090 Yes
Dornoch William Fraser Scott Lyon FOUR A 265 Yes
Dowco Triumph Street - Canada David Hilder Shaunna Hilder ONE 452 No
Dr O'Hurley - Eire Sean Moloney Pat McCarthy FOUR B 854 No
Dr Wright Memorial James Ferguson Daniel Miskelly FOUR A 198 No
Dromara Highland No Registered PM Julie Hamilton FOUR A 245 No
Dronten and District - Netherlands No Registered PM M Postma THREE B 529 No
Drumlough Stephen Burrows Nigel Burrows THREE A 609 Yes
Dufftown and District Kim Paterson Nicholas Stables FOUR B 995 No
Dumbarton and District Mark Dunlop Gordon Hamill NOVICE JUVENILE B 65 Yes
Dumbarton and District William Brown Gordon Hamill TWO 66 No
Dumfries Al MacGowan FOUR B 1180 Yes
Dumfries and Galloway Police Scotland No Registered PM Andrew Dodd THREE A 6 No
Dunbar Royal British Legion Alexander McCredie Alastair McCredie THREE A 340 No
Dunedin High School Pipe Band - USA Iain Donaldson Tonya Deal FOUR A 1031 No
Dunfermline and District Kenneth Armstrong FOUR B 42 No
Dungillie - Denmark No Registered PM Lars Larsen FOUR B 558 No
Dunoon Argyll Scott Wilson Margaret MacBrayne FOUR B 703 No
Dunoon Grammar School Craig Wilson Craig Wilson NOVICE JUVENILE B 109 Yes
Duns Andrew Ainslie Julia Turner THREE B 341 Yes
Durham Regional Police - Canada Mike Lasseter Kelly Crowe FOUR A 1208 No
Dutch Pipes and Drums - Netherlands No Registered PM Ton Willemen FOUR B 560 No
East Kilbride Robert McDonald THREE B 69 No
East Kilbride Craig Herbert Ian Milne FOUR B 777 Yes
East of England Robert Hall Tom Fleming FOUR B 1093 Yes
Edmonton and District - Canada Morgan Miller Jeff Allen FOUR B 799 No
Edmonton Boys' - Canada No Registered PM Will Arbter FOUR B 424 No
Edmonton Youth Pipe Band - Canada Chris Arbter Will Arbter FOUR B 1015 No
Edradour Pitlochry and Blair Atholl Christy Kelly Claire Scott THREE B 639 Yes
Elgin and District Peter Craigmile Carol Cameron FOUR A 266 Yes
Ellon and District Royal British Legion Elaine Strachan Susan Anderson FOUR B 267 Yes
Enniskillen No Registered PM Helen Beacom FOUR B 742 No
Erskine Stewarts Melville Schools Robert Burns Robert Burns NOVICE JUVENILE A 576 No
Essex Caledonian John Young Andy Butler FOUR B 120 Yes
Field Marshal Montgomery Richard Parkes MBE Lynsey McLaren ONE 199 Yes
Fintan Lalor - Eire Mick Foy Hugh Ivory THREE B 433 No
Finvoy Graham Stirling Paul Cameron THREE B 200 No
Fivemiletown Sam Kyle Stanley Coulter FOUR A 825 No
Forres and District Pipe Band Gordon Roy William McAllister FOUR B 268 Yes
Fountain Trust - USA Campbell White Jayne White FOUR A 1158 No
Fraserburgh Royal British Legion Andrew Buchan Louise Buchan FOUR B 289 Yes
Fraserburgh Royal British Legion Denise Buchan Louise Buchan FOUR B 892 No
Fredericton Society of Saint Andrew - Canada Michel Boyer Michel Boyer FOUR B 601 No
Galloway Pipes and Drums Ross Kennedy Carolyn Kennedy FOUR B 997 Yes
Garnock Valley Paul Sproat Bethany Houston NOVICE JUVENILE B 1196 No
Garvagh Iain Matthew Victoria Moore FOUR B 846 No
Gatwick Caledonian Iain Raymond David Newman FOUR A 406 Yes
George Heriot's School Daniel McDermott Kenny Ogilvie JUVENILE 822 Yes
George Heriot's School Daniel McDermott Kenny Ogilvie NOVICE JUVENILE A 935 Yes
George Heriot's School Junior Daniel McDermott Kenny Ogilvie NOVICE JUVENILE B 942 No
George Watson's College - Juvenile Iain Simpson Iain Simpson JUVENILE 345 Yes
George Watson's College - Novice Ross Harvey Iain Simpson NOVICE JUVENILE A 369 Yes
George Watson's College Novice Juvenile B Iain Simpson Iain Simpson NOVICE JUVENILE B 595 Yes
Ghent District Highlanders - Belgium Werner Middeloer Mario Dierick FOUR B 552 No
Gillygooley Pipe Band William Smyth Jonathon Smyth FOUR B 1036 No
Gilnahirk Robert Greer Andrew Glennie FOUR A 202 No
Girvan and District James Wilson Amanda McGlaughlan FOUR B 7 No
Glasgow Battalion Boys Brigade Bryan Sinclair James McVean FOUR B 1072 No
Glasgow City David Wotherspoon Angus Bodie THREE A 1081 No
Glasgow Police Pipe Band Duncan Nicholson Niall West ONE 98 Yes
Glen Duart James Campbell Margaret Kearsley FOUR B 827 No
Glen Mor William Evans Yoshimi Barker FOUR A 790 No
Glencorse Thomas Crawford Andrew Weir FOUR B 346 No
Glengarry - Canada Erin Bell Alison McDonald FOUR B 690 No
Glenmoriston Stephen Jones Brian Taylor FOUR B 121 Yes
Glenrothes and District 2010 Iain Finlay Debbie Halstead THREE B 877 Yes
Glenrothes and District 2010 Iain Finlay Debbie Halstead FOUR B 1224 Yes
Gordon's School Iona Scotson Iona Scotson NOVICE JUVENILE B 1214 Yes
Gorey - Eire Arthur Bass Thomas Doyle FOUR A 925 No
Gortaclare No Registered PM Eric Donaghy THREE A 204 No
Goulburn Soldier's Club Pipes and Drums - Australia No Registered PM Warren Guyer FOUR B 996 No
Govan Schools and Community Thomas Rankine Christine Beveridge FOUR B 1114 Yes
Governor MacQuarie Memorial - Australia Barry Gray Petra Evans THREE A 856 No
GPS College - France Michel Droual Bruno Bernard FOUR B 1185 No
Gradlon Piping Society - France Gilles Houez Jean-Yves Elaudais THREE B 901 No
Grampian Associaton Corby Robert Muir Nicola Muir FOUR B 122 Yes
Grampian District Pipes and Drums Michael Meehan Yvonne Mitchell FOUR B 1056 Yes
Grampian Police Scotland Pamela Whyte Alex Simpson TWO 269 Yes
Grande Prairie and District David Edward Nicole Jade FOUR B 1179 No
Grandfather Mountain Highlanders - U.S.A. No Registered PM Sally Warburton FOUR A 665 No
Granite City Michael Webster Heather Dallas FOUR B 1052 Yes
Gransha James Knox Trevor Smith FOUR A 206 No
Great Lakes - U.S.A Barry Conway Anne Balogh TWO 1202 No
Greater Midwest - USA Ben Peterson Gary Sievewright TWO 1109 No
Greater Victoria Police - Canada James Troy Charles Bates FOUR A 1128 No
Greyfriars Pipes and Drums Mark Rennie Daniel Sheppard FOUR B 784 Yes
Grimsby and District John L Best Elizabeth Griffin FOUR B 162 No
Guelph - Canada Ian McFadden Dylan Whittemore FOUR B 1222 No
Guelph - Canada Tyler Bridge Dylan Whittemore THREE A 1223 No
Guilford and Glencoe District Juvenile - U.S.A. No Registered PM Dina Alexander NOVICE JUVENILE B 485 No
Haddington Fraser Wilkinson Graham Wells FOUR B 347 Yes
Haileybury - Australia Cadon Ho John Young FOUR A 1190 No
Hamilton Police - Canada Jamie Blacklock Brian Philip THREE A 645 No
Hamilton Police - Canada Patricia Kirkwood Brian Philip FOUR B 1124 No
Hampshire Caledonian James Dawson James Wright FOUR B 816 No
Harry Ferguson Memorial Stephen Burrows Alastair Magowan FOUR B 1019 No
Hawick No Registered PM Ian Dalgleish FOUR A 348 No
Hawick Russell Graham Robert Scott FOUR B 987 No
Hawkesbury Nepean Valley - Australia No Registered PM Yvette Stening NOVICE JUVENILE B 857 No
Hawthorn - Australia Kyle Warren Matthew Ead TWO 1203 No
Heidelberg and District Pipes and Drums - Germany Niklas McPhee Laura Fuchs FOUR A 850 No
Helensburgh Clan Colquhoun John Low Colina Campbell FOUR B 492 Yes
High Desert - Albuquerque Bill Horn Daron Peters FOUR A 1201 No
High School of Dundee David Wilton Steven Graham NOVICE JUVENILE B 1117 Yes
Highland Granite Scott Oliphant Rebecca Thomson-McDernid TWO 1173 Yes
Highland Mist - Canada No Registered PM Brenda Grant FOUR B 956 No
Holbaek - Denmark Rane Sawath Jensen Christina Olsen THREE A 934 No
Hollymount Samuel Gill Hazel Irvine FOUR B 208 No
Houghton-Le-Spring Paul Hamilton Kevin Reilly FOUR B 154 Yes
House of Scotland Pipe Band - USA Peggy Yuile Hamish Yuile FOUR B 1030 No
Howard Memorial No Registered PM John Clayton TWO 209 No
Huntly and District Ian Stuart Lorraine Dean FOUR B 831 Yes
Inter Scaldis Pipes and Drums - Holland No Registered PM Gaston Timmerman FOUR B 557 No
Inveraray and District Stuart Liddell James McMillan ONE 666 Yes
Inverclyde Juvenile Gordon McDermid Lorna McDaid NOVICE JUVENILE B 73 Yes
Inverurie David Webster John Baillie FOUR B 273 No
Irvine and District Karl Lees David Anderson FOUR A 5 Yes
Isle of Arran Malcolm Wheeler Jo Earle FOUR B 8 Yes
Isle of Cumbrae R.B.L.S David Mitchell John Hood FOUR B 496 No
Isle of Skye Alan MacKenzie Lachie Gillies FOUR B 1008 No
James Gillespie's High School Graeme Peters FOUR B 1002 No
Jefferson Pipe Band Becky Saraceno Robert Budesa FOUR B 1121 No
Jersey David Reid Kenneth Brawley FOUR B 123 No
Johnstone Keith James Bowes Alan McGeoch ONE 76 Yes
Johnstone Keith Andrew Bowes Alan McGeoch THREE A 1010 Yes
Joseph Forde Memorial David Livingston Colin Fenton FOUR B 689 Yes
Kamloops Pipe Band Society - Canada Scot Kortegaard Diana Jo Clarke FOUR A 1066 No
Keith Highlanders - U.S.A. No Registered PM Kirsten Kiki Bentzen FOUR A 417 No
Kelty and Blairadam Andrew Keatings Andrew Keatings FOUR A 842 Yes
Kevin R Blandford Memorial - USA Martha Hall Sean Keating THREE B 1144 No
Kilbarchan Brian Knight Michael Kerr FOUR B 751 Yes
Kilchoman Distillery Isle of Islay Nigel Morris James McEachern TWO 74 No
Kildoag Alan Campbell David Campbell FOUR A 1041 No
Kilkenny City and District - Eire Tony Coy Patrick Cuddihy FOUR B 1071 No
Killadeas No Registered PM Ken Booth THREE A 210 No
Killeen David Livingston David Hanna THREE A 211 No
Killen and District Barry Stevenson Rodney Stevenson FOUR B 937 No
Killeshin - Eire Ger Dunne Clare Geoghegan FOUR B 1103 No
Kilmarnock Paul Warren Carol Allan THREE B 9 Yes
Kilmarnock Schools Graham Drummond Anne-Marie McGarry NOVICE JUVENILE B 1216 Yes
Kilrea Rodney Wilson Lauren Milligan FOUR B 212 No
Kilsyth Thistle Jim Todd Steven Kinvig FOUR A 318 No
Kilts and More - Dysart and Dundonald Andrew Downie Colin McKean TWO 43 No
Kilts of Caledonia John Chandler James Lister FOUR B 419 No
Kinross and District Stuart Scott Kathleen Mitchell FOUR A 33 Yes
Kintore Bruce Lobban Rosalyn Youngson FOUR B 274 No
Kintyre Schools Fiona Mitchell Fiona Watson NOVICE JUVENILE A 933 No
Kirkcaldy and District William Wallace George Wallace FOUR A 48 Yes
Kirkcudbright and District Glen Cunningham May Gowans FOUR A 11 Yes
Kirkintilloch Stewart Dickson Marion Walls FOUR A 77 No
Kirkistown Joshua McKee David McKee FOUR B 388 No
Kirkwall City Chris Craigie David Clark FOUR A 275 Yes
Knox Academy Ambrose Wilberforce David Barnes NOVICE JUVENILE B 1080 No
Knox Grammar School (1) - Australia Ainsley Hart Ainsley Hart NOVICE JUVENILE A 704 No
Knox Grammar School (2) - Australia Greg Scott Ainsley Hart NOVICE JUVENILE B 874 No
Knox Grammar School (3) - Australia No Registered PM Ainsley Hart NOVICE JUVENILE B 1101 No
Lanark and District Julie Green Julie Green THREE B 748 Yes
Lathallan School John Nevans Rachel Kinkead NOVICE JUVENILE B 785 Yes
Leicestershire and Rutland County R.B.L. Bradley Yates Anders Hobson FOUR B 670 No
Letterkenny and District - Eire Lee Hegarty Margaret Hegarty FOUR B 428 No
Lewis Peter MacKay Sandy Gomez THREE A 75 Yes
Lisnamulligan Dylan Walker Ruth Dickson FOUR A 636 No
Lochaber Moira Robertson Iain Robertson FOUR B 81 No
Lochalsh Niall Stewart Joan Murray THREE B 1069 Yes
Lochgelly High School Keith Robertson Suzanne King NOVICE JUVENILE A 662 No
Lochmaben Royal Burgh Pipe Band Alan Hope Andrea McRobert THREE A 17 Yes
Lochryan John Harvey Lesley Wilson THREE B 422 Yes
Lochryan Development Scott McCaig Lesley Wilson FOUR B 1150 No
Lomond and Clyde Don Bradford Alisdair Tennant ONE 61 No
London Irish Rifles Robert Williams Charles Mackie FOUR B 1087 No
Lord Edwards Own Narraghmore - Eire No Registered PM Susan Feery FOUR A 430 No
Lord Selkirk RFM - Canada Christopher Graham Chris Blain NOVICE JUVENILE B 605 No
Los Angeles Scots - U.S.A Colin Armstrong Kevin McIntyre TWO 466 No
Lower Clyde Pipes and Drums Gordon McDermid Lorna McDaid FOUR A 1082 Yes
Lyon College - U.S.A. James Bell James Bell FOUR A 683 No
Macanta Anthony Doherty Anita Burrows THREE B 1217 Yes
Mackenzie Caledonian Jamie Falconer Gwen McAndrew TWO 497 Yes
Mackenzie Caledonian Stuart Brown Gwen McAndrew THREE A 1175 Yes
Mackenzie Caledonian Juvenile Scott Donald Gwen McAndrew NOVICE JUVENILE B 531 Yes
MacMillan - USA Andrew Donlon Emily Mellgren TWO 1142 No
MacMillan Birtles - USA Dan Bell Emily Mellgren FOUR A 1141 No
Mains of Fintry Richard Smith Richard Smith FOUR B 23 Yes
Major Sinclair Memorial John Fittis Angela Kane THREE B 778 Yes
Major Sinclair Memorial John Fittis Angela Kane FOUR B 1026 No
Manawatu Scottish - New Zealand Stewart McKenzie Stuart McHale ONE 533 No
Manchester Phoenix Andrew Markland Kenneth Reid THREE B 631 Yes
Manorcunningham - Eire Gordon Carson Robert Wallace TWO 513 No
Marlacoo and District Wayne Byrne Anna Rose Moore THREE A 889 No
Matt Boyd Memorial Alan Ferguson Georgina Ferguson THREE A 183 Yes
Mauchline and District Caledonian No Registered PM Colin Prentice TWO 759 No
Maybole Gavin Nicol Kevin McDermott FOUR B 13 No
McDonald Academy Alan Gourley Vikki Singer FOUR B 1149 Yes
McDonald Memorial Norman McDonald Vikki Singer FOUR A 893 Yes
McNeillstown Darren Frew Allison Rodgers THREE A 216 Yes
Mcneillstown Academy Darren Frew Heather Frew FOUR B 833 No
Mesa Caledonian - U.S.A. Christopher Hossack Cailey Jones THREE B 455 No
Mesa Caledonian - U.S.A. No Registered PM Lynne Simmons FOUR B 669 No
Methil and District Robert Barnes Catherine Ann Fleming THREE B 486 Yes
Mid Argyll Craig Lang Morag Cupples THREE B 82 Yes
Midlothian Scottish - USA Tristan Wilson Jaime McCorry TWO 1058 No
Millport Douglas McArthur Anne Donnelly FOUR B 800 No
Milngavie Gary Thomson Alistair Graham THREE B 84 Yes
Milngavie Michael Crabbe Alistair Graham NOVICE JUVENILE B 732 No
Milton Keynes and District Stephen Tidmarsh Sue Beaumont FOUR B 504 No
Minnesota Police - U.S.A. No Registered PM Sally Gordon FOUR B 839 No
Minnesota Police - U.S.A. No Registered PM Sally Gordon THREE B 845 No
Moneygore No Registered PM John Gibson THREE A 217 No
Morpeth Colin Smith Edward Mogey FOUR A 157 Yes
Mountjoy David Rennie Gordon Rennie FOUR B 1160 Yes
Moybrone William Stinson Raymond Hall FOUR B 222 Yes
Muhl Pipes and Drums - Holland No Registered PM Ruan Amelsvoorl THREE A 458 No
Muirkirk and District Craig Mitchell Tracy Neil FOUR B 14 No
Mull and Iona Neil MacCallum Joanne MacDougall FOUR B 85 Yes
Murrumba Society Inc - Australia Mark McKenzie Diane Ellis FOUR A 1151 No
N S W Highlanders - Australia Reay Edge Jeanette Baldwin FOUR B 798 No
Neilston and District Iain MacDonald Cameron Mechan FOUR B 86 No
New Ross and District - Eire Nigel O'Neill Brian MacMahon TWO 437 No
New Westminster Police - Canada No Registered PM Charlene Wallis TWO 832 No
New York Metro - U.S.A. Michael Mahoney Thomas Himmel TWO 912 No
New Zealand Police - New Zealand Kerryn Johnstone-Peipi ONE 653 No
Newmains and District Catriona Egan Grant Harden FOUR A 87 No
Newton Aycliffe Pipes and Drums Cameron Dulston Catherine Dulston FOUR B 597 No
Newtongrange Derek Marr Jan Murray THREE B 353 No
Newtonhill Domhnull McLennan Isabel Parkes FOUR B 288 Yes
Niagara Regional Police - Canada Peter MacKenzie Peter MacKenzie FOUR A 1221 No
North Belfast WMC Edward Montgomery Edward Montgomery THREE A 224 No
North Berwick Keith Milligan Eddie Clark FOUR B 354 No
North Coast - U.S.A Gordon Wall Lynne Lofton FOUR B 1187 No
North Coast - U.S.A Brian Reddecliff Lynne Lofton FOUR A 1188 No
North Coast - U.S.A. Bentley Wall Lynne Lofton THREE B 548 No
North East of England Cadet Tom Jones Major Eyton Parker FOUR B 1095 No
North Lanarkshire Schools Darren Sommerville Jim Park NOVICE JUVENILE A 911 Yes
North Lanarkshire Schools Ross Cowan Jim Park JUVENILE 988 Yes
North Stratton - Canada Hugh Armstrong Andrew Fedori TWO 1074 No
North Tyneside and District Sarah Ann Beavers Sarah Ann Beavers FOUR A 158 No
North West Indiana Pipes and Drums - U.S.A. No Registered PM Charlotte Kroft FOUR A 545 No
North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service Keith Thomas Diane Walsh FOUR B 164 No
Northern Constabulary Community Steve Spencer Hazel Oakley FOUR A 575 Yes
Northumberland Scottish Pipes and Drums Andrew Grant Charles MacNeill FOUR A 966 No
Northwest Junior - U.S.A. No Registered PM Scott De Vight NOVICE JUVENILE A 786 No
Nottinghamshire Police Patrick Larkin Terence Walters FOUR B 145 Yes
Oban Daniel Johnstone Glynis Dewar TWO 88 Yes
Oban High School No Registered PM Rosemary MacColl JUVENILE 788 No
Oban High School Angus MacColl Agnes Johnstone THREE A 891 No
Oban High School Angus MacColl Jnr Agnes Johnstone NOVICE JUVENILE B 1102 Yes
Odenwald Pipes and Drums - Germany No Registered PM Dieter Weichel FOUR B 962 No
Ogden Legion - Canada Lachlan Sinclair Jason Sjostrom FOUR A 507 No
Old Colony Highlanders - U.S.A Diane Wood-Bielski Diane Wood-Bielski FOUR B 1219 No
Oldham Scottish Mark Houghton Graham Houghton FOUR B 301 Yes
Oldmeldrum Royal British Legion Barry Tough Christine Fraser FOUR B 277 Yes
Omaha - U.S.A Kevin Arnold Pride Lynch FOUR B 572 No
Ontario Fire Service - Canada Patrick Reid Patrick Reid FOUR B 1162 No
Oran Mor - U.S.A. Andrew Douglas Patricia Miller ONE 603 No
Ottawa Police Service Pipe Band - Canada No Registered PM Jamie Ritchie ONE 980 No
Ottawa Police Service Pipe Band - Canada No Registered PM Jamie Ritchie FOUR B 981 No
Paisley Stephen Bright Maureen Gilmour NOVICE JUVENILE B 89 No
Paisley and District R.B.L Brian Robinson Lorna Brown FOUR B 1212 Yes
Paris and District - France No Registered PM Pierre Jorigny FOUR A 510 No
Pasadena Scottish Pipes and Drums - U.S.A. Trevor Takahashi Karen McIlvena THREE A 818 No
Patiala - Pakistan No Registered PM Mukhtar Patilive FOUR B 664 No
Peebles Ex-Servicemen's Tracey Thomson Susan Starr FOUR B 355 Yes
Peel Regional Police - Canada John Cairns John Cairns TWO 420 Yes
Penicuik and District Edward Hanratty Eleanor Walker FOUR A 356 No
Peoples Ford Boghall and Bathgate Caledonia Ross Harvey Thomas Thomson ONE 331 Yes
Peoples Ford Boghall and Bathgate Caledonia Matthew Keith Thomas Thomson NOVICE JUVENILE A 333 No
Peoples Ford Boghall and Bathgate Caledonia Jonathon Simpson Thomas Thomson JUVENILE 332 Yes
Peoples Ford Boghall and Bathgate Caledonia Douglas Mair Thomas Thomson NOVICE JUVENILE B 1125 Yes
Perth and District Alistair Duthie Alison Duthie THREE B 32 No
Perth Metro - Australia James Cowie Amelia Boscarino TWO 1107 No
Perth Metro - Australia James Cowie Amelia Boscarino FOUR B 1153 No
Pipes and Drums of the London Scottish Regiment Philip McLucas Nobby Foulis FOUR B 124 No
Pipes and Drums of the Police Service of Northern Ireland David Rennie David Linton ONE 229 Yes
Pipes and Drums of The Royal Corps of Signals Mark MacRae Duncan Lamont FOUR A 875 No
Pipes and Drums of Zurich - Switzerland Hans Peter Burkhard Hans Peter Burkhard FOUR B 716 No
Pipes and Drums Scots Guards Association (South) Steven Duffy Peter McNaughton THREE B 1022 No
Police Scotland Fife Douglas Murray Melannie Rieley ONE 779 Yes
Portavogie Malcolm Wallace David Gibson FOUR A 1011 No
Portland Metro - U.S.A. Mark Tomasetti Bruce Case TWO 953 No
Portlethen and District Julie Brinklow Siobhan Monaghan TWO 278 Yes
Power of Lemania - Switzerland Ari Spazzof Jacqueline Spazzov THREE A 1062 No
Presbyterian Ladies College - Australia Adam Wishart Adam Wishart NOVICE JUVENILE B 1176 No
Preston Lodge Development Josh Pollard Catriona Black NOVICE JUVENILE B 1204 Yes
Preston Lodge High School Lee Moore Catriona Black JUVENILE 969 Yes
Preston Lodge High School Pipe Band Ciaren Ross Catriona Black NOVICE JUVENILE B 1027 Yes
Prestonpans Royal British Legion David Strachan Stewart Martin THREE B 358 Yes
Pride of Murray Graham Waller Ian Bolster THREE A 127 No
Prince Charles - USA Kenneth Sutherland Kenneth Sutherland TWO 1168 No
Pryde of East Lothian Colin Pryde John Sinclair NOVICE JUVENILE B 906 Yes
Queen Victoria School Gordon Ross Gordon Ross NOVICE JUVENILE B 1119 No
Queensferry David Purves FOUR B 1210 No
Quigley Highlanders - Canada Ronald Graham Shawn White FOUR B 1016 No
Quinn Memorial Harold Bloomfield Melita Bloomfield THREE A 226 No
R.A.F. Central Scotland Pipes and Drums Ian Hughes Ian Hughes FOUR A 52 No
R.A.F. Halton No Registered PM Leonard Browne THREE A 128 No
R.A.F. Lossiemouth Barry Ashby Donald Asher FOUR A 279 Yes
R.A.F. Waddington No Registered PM Alan Morrison THREE A 904 No
R.A.F. Waddington Pipes and Drums Finlay MacGhee Finlay MacGhee FOUR B 717 No
R.A.F. Waddington/Halton Pipes and Drums Iain Westgate Regina Whyatt TWO 973 No
Raffrey Francis Strain Jackie Hamilton THREE B 638 No
Raphoe Ulster Scots - Eire Rodney Goudie Alec Brown FOUR A 978 Yes
Ravara Samuel Connolly David Cleland TWO 227 Yes
Reading Scottish Ronald Paterson Karen Osman FOUR B 129 Yes
Renfrew North Youth David Buchan John Buchan FOUR B 530 No
Renfrewshire Schools Keith J Bowes Alan McGeoch JUVENILE 1138 Yes
Rob Roy - Canada No Registered PM Scott Bell THREE B 520 No
Rob Roy - Canada No Registered PM Scott Bell FOUR B 974 No
Robert Gordons' College Pipes and Drums Jason P Sumner John Gibb NOVICE JUVENILE B 280 Yes
Robert Malcolm Memorial - Canada Andrew Lee Treena Duncan JUVENILE 537 No
Robert Malcolm Memorial - Canada Jack Cairney Treena Duncan TWO 940 No
Rockingham City - Australia Alistair Sinclair Brenda Dickson FOUR B 774 No
Ross and Cromarty Pipes and Drums School Niall Matheson Lynne Bell THREE B 687 Yes
Rothesay and District Neil Gillies Jane Gillies THREE A 90 No
Rothesay and District Neil Gillies Jane Gillies FOUR A 91 No
Royal Air Force - Oman Athari Aiharassi John Taylor FOUR B 1035 No
Royal Army of Oman - Oman Sultan Al Rawahi Roddy MacLeod FOUR B 549 No
Royal Burgh of Annan Jamie Smith Linda McKie TWO 604 Yes
Royal Burgh of Annan Juvenile No Registered PM Lorraine Lupton NOVICE JUVENILE B 913 No
Royal Burgh of Renfrew Stuart MacKenzie Rory Donaldson THREE A 92 No
Royal Burgh of Stirling Gordon MacLean Karen McKie TWO 327 Yes
Royal Burgh of Stirling Amy Turnbull Karen McKie FOUR A 820 Yes
Royal Burgh of Tain Pipe Band James MacKay Jacqueline MacAulay FOUR B 1007 No
Royal High Clare Miller Clare Miller FOUR A 950 Yes
Royal Highland Fusiliers No Registered PM Peter Pearson FOUR B 1091 No
Royal Scots Dragoon Guards Pipes and Drums BRYON BROTHERTON Thomas Pride TWO 360 Yes
Rubislaw John Lawson Douglas Grant FOUR B 654 No
Ryan Russell Memorial - Canada Brian Urkosky Janice MacDonald FOUR B 1169 No
Saffron United - U.S.A. No Registered PM Charles Patterson THREE B 522 No
Saffron United - U.S.A. No Registered PM Charles Patterson FOUR B 523 No
Saint Anns of Hampton Pipes and Drums - U.S.A. No Registered PM Elizabeth Roberts FOUR B 844 No
Saint Columcille United Gaelic - U.S.A Sean Hickory Robert Wade FOUR A 1068 No
Saint Patrick's Battalion - Mexico No Registered PM Rafeal Gutierrez FOUR B 982 No
Scarborough Pipes and Drums - Canada No Registered PM Iain Caldwell FOUR B 866 No
Schenectady Marc DuBois Barry Smith FOUR A 1134 No
Scotch College Adelaide - Australia Jonathon McIntyre Ewan Graham FOUR B 1199 No
Scotch College No 1 - Australia Kyle Warren Mark Saul NOVICE JUVENILE A 992 No
Scotch College No 2 - Australia Mark Saul Mark Saul NOVICE JUVENILE B 1191 No
Scotch Watch - Switzerland Damian Bell Andrea Bell FOUR B 1018 Yes
Scotia Glenville - U.S.A. Maureen Connor Maureen Connor THREE A 752 No
Scots College - New Zealand Thomas Harding Ian Leslie NOVICE JUVENILE B 750 No
Scots Guards Association Manchester James Gray Stuart Hay FOUR B 302 Yes
Scots Guards Pipes and Drums Ross McCrindle Robert McCutcheon THREE B 110 No
Scots PGC College - Australia Sandy Dalziel Sandy Dalziel NOVICE JUVENILE B 1154 No
Scottish Borders Stuart Robinson Jane Ellis THREE B 907 Yes
Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Zac Stimson Sandra Allan FOUR B 1085 Yes
Scottish Fire and Rescue Services Pipe Band Oliver Brownlie Michele Fisher THREE A 97 No
Scottish Link - Brazil Norman McDonald Colin Pritchard FOUR B 753 No
Scottish Power Christopher Armstrong William Jordan ONE 93 No
Scottish Society of New Zealand - New Zealand Nick Eagle Edward Butler THREE A 1161 No
Scunthorpe and District Joanne Slater Christopher Glass FOUR B 713 No
Seaforth Highlanders Stephen Bozon Helen Bozon FOUR A 1013 No
Sean Treacy Pipe Band - Eire No Registered PM Gerard Neville FOUR B 994 No
Seven Towers No Registered PM Michelle Louden TWO 231 No
Sgoil Lionacleit Donald MacDonald Nicola MacDonald NOVICE JUVENILE B 787 No
Sgt. Walker Memorial Alyson McKnight William McCahon FOUR B 232 Yes
Shotts and Dykehead Caledonia Emmett Conway Marianne Clark ONE 94 Yes
Shree Muktajeevan Pragnesh Pindoria Ravindra Vekaria FOUR B 132 No
Silver Thistle Pipes and Drums - U.S.A. Doug Slauson Melissa Holman THREE B 802 No
Simon Fraser University - Canada Alan Bevan Treena Duncan ONE 450 Yes
Simonds Lions Caledonian - Canada Liam Freill David Galbraith FOUR B 1157 No
Sir James McDonald - U.S.A. Jeff Brewer Robbi Brewer FOUR B 502 No
Skye Youth Ian Finlayson Roslyn Mutch NOVICE JUVENILE B 1130 No
Sonerien An Aod - France No Registered PM Bernard Le Floch FOUR B 514 No
South Canterbury Highland - New Zealand No Registered PM Helen McLeod THREE B 938 No
South Cheshire Reginald Flower Reginald Flower FOUR B 303 No
Spirit of Scotland Roddy McLeod Helen Wilkinson ONE 793 No
Sri Dasmesh - Malaysia Harvinder Singh Tripert Singh FOUR A 1054 No
St Andrew's College - South Africa Richard Hobson Stephen Ellis FOUR A 1038 No
St Andrews - Australia Wayne Kennedy Ashley Pressey TWO 1053 No
St Andrews - Canada Alex Peden Kirby McRae THREE B 809 No
St Andrews Caledonian - Australia No Registered PM Katrina Keane FOUR B 628 No
St Andrews College - New Zealand Richard Hawke Graeme Bryce JUVENILE 770 No
St Andrews Society of Winnipeg - Canada No Registered PM Wes Sheppard THREE B 870 No
St Anthony's High School (Celtic Friars) - U.S.A Frank Riggio Frank Riggio FOUR B 1184 No
St Benedict's College Pipe Band - South Africa Chris Couperthwaite Anthony Evans NOVICE JUVENILE B 999 No
St Cartha's - Eire No Registered PM Conal Diver FOUR B 849 No
St Colmcille's - Tullamore Eire Joe Mooney Pat Nolan THREE B 872 No
St Columba's School - Kilmacolm Gordon Bruce Gordon Bruce NOVICE JUVENILE B 1182 No
St Finbarr's - Eire No Registered PM Michael Mulcahy THREE A 439 No
St Francis David Plizga David Plizga FOUR B 95 No
St John's College - Zimbabwe Jonathan Kalonga Jonathan Kalonga NOVICE JUVENILE A 983 No
St Joseph's - Eire Tim Farrelly Leo Bissett TWO 1094 No
St Laurence O'Toole - Eire Alen Tully Conor McNally ONE 411 No
St Laurence O'Toole - Eire Philip Duffy Conor McNally THREE A 915 No
St Lawrence - Howth - Eire Noel Kelly Patrick Donnan FOUR A 553 No
St Marys, Derrytrasna Martin Lennon Patsy Murray TWO 233 No
St Maurs - Eire Noel Harford Michael Doyle THREE B 471 No
St Patricks Bandon - Eire Joy Lane Joy Lane FOUR A 551 No
St Thomas Alumni - U.S.A. Jamie Gattinger Jamie Gattinger TWO 926 No
St Thomas Episcopal School - U.S.A. Lyric Todkill Andrew Elliott JUVENILE 612 No
Stamperland No Registered PM Alan King THREE A 734 No
Stamperland Steven Drennan Alan King NOVICE JUVENILE B 1028 No
Stirling and District Schools Chris Gibb Karen Mooney NOVICE JUVENILE A 323 Yes
Stirling and District Schools Junior Murray McNeish Karen Mooney NOVICE JUVENILE B 1097 Yes
Stockbridge Euan Whitmore Euan Whitmore THREE A 409 Yes
Stockbridge Euan Whitmore Euan Whitmore FOUR A 847 Yes
Stockbridge Stewart Paterson Euan Whitmore FOUR B 1198 Yes
Stockholm No Registered PM Robert Wallgren THREE A 434 No
Stockholm No Registered PM Robert Wallgren FOUR B 570 No
Stone of Destiny - U.S.A No Registered PM Hal Grout FOUR B 1065 No
Stonehaven Andrew Meehan Kerry Meehan FOUR B 282 No
Stonehouse Graham Bell Martin McKenna FOUR B 815 No
Stow Borders Euan Craig Jane Ellis FOUR B 984 Yes
Stranraer and District Angus MacRae Katy Williams FOUR B 626 No
Strathallan School Craig Muirhead Alison Duthie NOVICE JUVENILE B 1189 Yes
Strathearn Tom MacLean Gavin Colyer FOUR B 1048 No
Strathendrick Colin Johnston Thomas Elliott FOUR A 99 Yes
Strathisla Keith Morrison Alison Jamieson FOUR B 283 No
Strathmore William Whyte Graham Walker THREE B 945 No
Strathpeffer and District George Borland Alan McHardy FOUR B 629 Yes
Strathroy Legion - Canada No Registered PM David Cummings FOUR B 456 No
Stromness Royal British Legion Mark Weir Ian MacDonald THREE B 743 Yes
Stuart Highlanders - U.S.A. Adam Holdaway Adam Holdaway ONE 920 No
Stuart Highlanders - U.S.A. Kevin Wiseman Adam Holdaway FOUR A 1012 No
Surrey Ewan McDermott Avril Mason FOUR B 133 No
Sutherland Schools Nicole Ross Eilidh Bain JUVENILE 284 No
Swiss Highland Pipers - Switzerland Clemens Kaelin Ursula Schumacher FOUR B 1146 No
Syerla No Registered PM Raymond Cuddy THREE A 235 No
Syerla and District Brian McMullan Sarah Black FOUR B 480 Yes
Talcott Mountain Highlanders James Feeney James Feeney FOUR B 1170 No
Tamlaght O'Crilly Thomas Crockett Lee Elliott FOUR A 236 No
Teesside No Registered PM Alan Kitching FOUR B 160 No
The Black Watch Association Pipes and Drums of Montreal - Canada Brian Scott MacKenzie Julie Perron FOUR B 1111 No
The Borderline Pipes, Drums and Dancers - Belgium No Registered PM Dries Papen FOUR B 655 No
The Cameron Highlanders of San Diego - U.S.A Charles Rosenberger Kathleen Mars THREE A 1112 No
The Cameron Highlanders of San Diego - U.S.A Aaron Cornils Kathleen Mars FOUR A 1113 No
The Clan Pipers B - Germany No Registered PM Mark Schwerzel FOUR B 544 No
The College of Piping (Summerside) - Canada James MacHattie Chris Coleman THREE A 769 No
The College of Piping (Summerside) - Canada Carl Brydon Chris Coleman FOUR B 1005 No
The Commonwealth Pipes and Drums - U.S.A Tim Sullivan Rob Eagan FOUR A 1220 No
The Glasgow Skye Association Ewan Henderson Stuart Black ONE 71 Yes
The Hague Highland - Netherlands No Registered PM J. A Courtois Seegers FOUR B 562 No
The Heather Pipes and Drums of Copenhagen - Denmark No Registered PM Lisbet Kvaerno FOUR A 534 No
The High School of Glasgow No Registered PM Raymond McKeown NOVICE JUVENILE B 659 No
The Highland Thistle - Argentina Oscar Martin Llobenes Ernesto Ayling FOUR A 1135 No
The Highland Valley Pipes and Drums - Netherlands No Registered PM Sylvia Brokers FOUR B 535 No
The Highlanders (4 Scots) Colin Simpson Callum Marr THREE A 329 Yes
The Liverpool Scottish Regimental Association Pipes and Drums James Axon Robert Lynch FOUR B 1100 No
The Machrihanish Dunes Sound of Kintyre Julie Blue Stuart Campbell THREE B 108 No
The Owl Town Pipes and Drums - Germany No Registered PM Oliver Fricke FOUR B 886 No
The Pipe Band Club - Australia Paul Hughes Susan Robinson TWO 657 No
The Pipes and Drums of Basel - Switzerland Silvio Unternaehrer Beat Kreienbuehl FOUR A 976 No
The Pipes and Drums of Saint Kentigern College - New Zealand No Registered PM Andrew Lightfoot NOVICE JUVENILE B 538 No
The Royal Armoured Corps - Germany No Registered PM Nicholas Colwell FOUR A 882 No
The Royal Dragoon Guards Douglas Warren Ian McKechnie FOUR B 1051 No
The Royal Guard of Oman - Oman No Registered PM Colin Fairbairn FOUR B 975 No
The Scots College - Australia No Registered PM Ray Lee JUVENILE 963 No
The Scots College - Sydney - Australia Robert Fenton-Lee Paul Hughes NOVICE JUVENILE A 1098 No
The Scots College - Sydney - Australia James Klinger Paul Hughes NOVICE JUVENILE B 1099 No
The Scots School Albury - Australia Sebastian Turner Scott Nicholson FOUR A 1137 No
The Sons of Scotland - Canada Bethany Bisaillion Bethany Bisaillion FOUR B 483 Yes
The Standard Triumph Vincent Deery (Snr) Vincent Deery (Snr) FOUR B 415 No
The Stow Caledonian Gareth Utting Sarah Utting FOUR B 941 Yes
The University of Queensland Pipe Band - Australia No Registered PM Jessica Logan FOUR A 972 No
Thiepval Memorial - Eire Alyson McKnight Kathleen Love THREE A 397 No
Thuirle Thairle - Canada Sunday Thomas Randy Waugh NOVICE JUVENILE B 1148 No
Tobermory High School Calum MacLean Morag MacDonald NOVICE JUVENILE B 1127 No
Tokyo - Japan Atsushi Yamane Atsushi Yamane FOUR B 398 No
Topp Star of The North Alan Glenholmes Stephen Bellingham FOUR B 897 No
Toronto Fire Service - Canada Donna Bakewell Jeffrey David FOUR B 967 No
Toronto Police - Canada Scott Harrison Robert Skinner ONE 459 No
Toronto Police - Canada Scott Harrison Robert Skinner THREE B 991 No
Torphichen and Bathgate No Registered P/M William Cunningham TWO 366 No
Torphichen and Bathgate Malcolm Brown-Scott Valerie Brown NOVICE JUVENILE B 943 No
Towie and District Marie Chapman Edward Stuart FOUR B 285 Yes
Tralee Pipes and Drums - Eire John Sheehan Karen MacMahon THREE B 961 No
Tranent and District Kenny Campbell Brian Henderson FOUR B 634 No
Transvaal Scottish Pipe Band - South Africa Craig Whitley Anthony Evans THREE A 1075 No
Trillick James Fallis James Henderson FOUR B 238 No
Troon Blackrock Mitchell Walker Iain Cox FOUR B 15 Yes
Tulliallan Alan Stevenson Robert McLellan FOUR B 986 No
Tullintrain Ronald Kelly Graham Craig THREE B 239 No
Tullylagan Stephen Swaile Alan Warnock THREE A 240 Yes
Tullylagan Jackie Hassin Alan Warnock FOUR B 1164 Yes
Tullywhisker Bert Waugh Wilma Catterson FOUR B 242 No
Turriff and District Andrew Gray Jackie Hepburn THREE A 286 No
Turriff and District William Hepburn Jackie Hepburn NOVICE JUVENILE B 773 No
Tweedvale Bruce Gillie Charles Gray THREE B 367 Yes
Tynecastle Clare Miller Clare Miller NOVICE JUVENILE B 1195 Yes
Uddingston John Bowes David Fox TWO 1155 Yes
Uddingston Strathclyde Ian MacGregor John Meharry FOUR A 102 Yes
Ullapool and District Kim McLennan Graham Ross FOUR B 896 Yes
Ullapool and District Junior Cameron MacDougall Deidre Couper FOUR B 1047 No
Ulster Scottish - U.S.A. No Registered PM Linda Hall THREE A 796 No
Ulster-Scots Agency Juvenile Andrew McGregor Andrew McGregor NOVICE JUVENILE B 998 No
United-Maniacs Scottish Pipes and Drums of St Gallen - Switzerland Miranda Germann Miranda Germann FOUR B 921 No
University of Bedfordshire Stephen Cussen Rachel Pipkin THREE A 135 No
University of Bedfordshire Cameron Doherty Darrell Braiden THREE B 555 No
Upper Crossgare Mark Rodgers Anne Mack THREE A 762 Yes
Upper Nithsdale Youth Sharon Moore NOVICE JUVENILE B 731 Yes
Vale of Atholl Adrian Cramb Gillean McNab ONE 26 No
Vale of Atholl Mark Stewart Gillean McNab THREE A 30 Yes
Vale of Atholl Gary Nimmo Gillean McNab FOUR B 781 Yes
Vannes Melinerion - France No Registered PM Gerard Grimaud TWO 944 No
Venlo Caledonian - Netherlands Ian Van Bommel Stan Kozilius FOUR B 1133 No
Vienna Pipes and Drums - Austria Craig Parker Rainer Dobiasch FOUR B 910 No
Wallacestone and District Neil Henderson Julia Kay TWO 508 Yes
Waringsford William J Wallace Deborah Coulter FOUR B 633 No
Warrington Richard Brown Robert Thompson FOUR B 591 No
Welsh Piping Society Christopher Sullivan George Davidson FOUR A 414 Yes
West Coast Highlanders No Registered PM David Ogilvie THREE A 1000 No
West Fife Schools No Registered P/M Alister Rae NOVICE JUVENILE B 45 No
West Linton and District Douglas MacKenzie Jacqueline Weir FOUR B 368 No
West Lothian Schools Greig Canning Steven Gray JUVENILE 890 No
West Lothian Schools Greig Canning Steven Gray NOVICE JUVENILE B 1064 No
West Midlands Fire Service Robert Gardner Anne Rickards FOUR B 147 No
West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service Nathan Yuill Jemma Colquhoun FOUR B 306 No
Whitewater Neil Hawthorne Diane Stinson FOUR A 922 No
Wick Royal British Legion Leslie Campbell Helen Hill FOUR B 287 No
Wicklow - Eire Alan Dunne Marina Fitzgerald FOUR B 1108 No
William Kerr Memorial Robert Kirkland Brian McLean FOUR A 484 Yes
Williamwood No Registered PM Sandy Brownlie TWO 104 No
Williamwood David Watson Matthew Wright FOUR A 475 No
Wirral Christopher Eyre Christopher Eyre FOUR B 308 Yes
Wolverhampton Robert Anderson Bert Anderson FOUR A 149 Yes
Worcester Kiltie - U.S.A. David Methven Sheila McDowell TWO 457 Yes
Youghal Pipe Band - Eire Brian McCarthy Michael McCarthy FOUR B 1023 No

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