2022 Band Fees

For the attention of all Band Secretaries:

There is no doubt that this has been another difficult year for all of us, and there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

The loss of all our Major Championships for the past two years has had a serious impact on the financial position of the Association. However, we have managed to keep going thanks to those Bands who paid their 2021 fees and by continuing to tightly manage our costs, which included the placing of our HQ staff on furlough.

The Association has needed to meet the general overheads and running costs, as well as the balance of staff costs which fell outside the furlough scheme.

Looking ahead to the early part of 2022, the Association will need to cover the costs it will incur.  Staff will be back in HQ to undertake the administration and financial tasks as well as preparing the various schedules and allocations for next seasons Competitions (both Major and Minor)

As a result, the Board have agreed to keep the Band Registration Fees the same as 2019 and 2020. However, Bands who have paid their 2021 Fee are to receive a 50% rebate on their 2022 Fee, and if the Association Finances allow, a further 50% rebate against their 2023 Fee when this becomes due.

The Fee due amount is set out below if paid before 30th November 2021.

Where a Band has paid their 2021 Fee the 2022 Fee due is: –

  • UK Juvenile Band £95.00 +Vat
  • UK Adult Band £105.00 +Vat
  • Non UK Juvenile Band £47.50
  • Non UK Adult Band £52.50

Where a Band has not paid their 2021 Fee the 2022 Fee due is: –

  • UK Juvenile Band £190.00 +Vat
  • UK Adult Band £210.00 +Vat
  • Non UK Juvenile Band £95.00
  • Non UK Adult Band £105.00

Some UK Branches have, themselves, agreed to suspend their Branch Fees for the 2021/22 season to help reduce the costs to their Branch bands.

We hope that you understand the need to support your Association through the payment of these Registration Fees in order that we can continue to function as an organisation as well as support and administer the membership of the bands and our volunteers as we prepare to run the five Major Championships in 2022 and beyond.

Payment can be made through the RSPBA website Band Admin “Fees and Registrations“ page or by using the following link https://rspba.org/band-admin/fees-registrations/

Thank you for your help and support.

The Board of Directors

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