Band Registration Guidance from the Music Board

The Standards and Grading group of the Music Board would like to remind UK bands that if they are considering requesting a change of grade (up or down) they should ensure their registration is fully updated with any transferring Band Members (leaving and joining) and has been acknowledged by the HQ Office before they submit a request to regrade.

Also, have regard to the Standing Orders and Rules on Registration (Rules 3.5 to 3.31), in particular:-

3.7 No person shall be allowed to play in a contest who has not been registered as a Band Member for a qualifying period prior to the contest date.

3.7.1 The qualifying period for a transfer from a higher grade band to a lower grade band is forty-two days.

3.7.2 In all other circumstances the qualifying period is fourteen days.

3.28  Bands applying for downgrading must be prepared to compete in TWO further contests in their existing grade, prior to decisions being given

Please update your membership as soon as possible.

The Music Board.

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