Pilot “Static Start” explainer video for NJB and 4B Bands

The Music Board report to the membership at the 2020 AGM outlined the proposal that all Grade Four B and Novice Juvenile B Bands will have the opportunity to participate in a pilot which will have a “Static Start” for the performance introductory phase. This format change was approved by the Board of Directors, and the Members approved the Pilot taking place at the AGM on the 12th March 2022

The Major Championship pilot event will be the European Championship at Inverness on the 25th June 2022, at which ALL Novice Juvenile B and Grade 4B Band will be required to follow the Static Start Format.

It is anticipated there will also be pilots of the “Static Start” at some minor competitions in the proceeding weeks to the Major Championship.

The Contest Performance Rules (4.47 to 4.53) will apply, with the following clarifications.

Rule 4.51 variation moving from the start line:    After halting at the start line, no band players shall be allowed to withdraw. [2014 AGM] The Pipe Major of a Grade 4B or Novice Juvenile B Band taking part in a pilot event will advance the Band into the “Static Start” position from the start line.

Rule 4.52 The performance shall commence on a signal from the Ensemble Adjudicator in Championship contests or the Piping Adjudicator in all other contests, the band will commence its performance on the command by the Pipe Major [2014 AGM.] The Pipe Major of a Grade 4B or Novice Juvenile B Band taking part in a pilot event will give the command from the “Static Start” position.

The Board of Directors would like to express their thanks to the producers of the explainer video, Music Board members Mark Hasson and David Wilton, and would like to thank the performers from High School of Dundee Pipe Band for their contributions.

Malcolm Brown-Scott
Convenor of the Music Board

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