Grade 1 MSR Format Change

The Board of Directors have approved a proposal from the Music Board to change the format of the Grade 1 MSR contests in 2023.

The Board of Directors were asked to consider the proposal from the Music Board 10th September 2022 meeting ahead of the scheduled October Board meeting to ensure all the impacted Bands would be informed as early as possible about the change.

The Grade 1 Bands have been working with the Format Group / Music Board on the Grade 1 project, during which decisions have been captured and communicated to the participating Bands. The APMB were consulted about the proposal, and it was agreed the MSR change should be implemented in the 2023 season.

The proposal considered by the Board of Directors was “The Grade 1 bands, Format Group and Music Board with the support of the APMB would like to propose for the 2023 season there is a requirement for the Grade 1 bands to submit 1 x MSR of a Maximum 4 Parted tunes (where the tune was written as a 4 parted tune) and 1 x MSR of a Minimum 4 Parted tunes (the current format)”.

The 1X MSR Set Maximum 4 Parted tunes should comprise of 1 * 4 Parted March + 1 * 4 Parted Strathspey + 1* 4 Parted Reel where each tune was written as a 4 parted tune.

This change would mean that the MSR would not be drawn on the line but would be one of the MSR’s (either Min or Max 4 parts).

  • The impact on the 2 MSR performances at the ‘Worlds’ will be as shown in the table below, with one format played on the Friday and the other on the Saturday
  • At the preceding Majors where the MSR is the set discipline, Bands would be given the option to play one of the two formats e.g. British Max 4x4x4, European Min 4x4x4 rather than have the set drawn in the ring.  The Music Board will advise of this when preparing the 2023 Playing requirements for publication.
  • At local contests, the format will remain as a minimum of 4 Parted Tunes (to allow Bands to play either format or play up), unless modified by a local rule.
Grade 1 (Worlds)2 X Medley of Tunes 5 Minutes to 7 Minutes

1X MSR Set Maximum 4 Parted Tunes
1X MSR Set Minimum 4 Parted Tunes
(> or =18 bands)
Day 1 All Bands Qualifier
MSR Set Maximum 4 Parted Tunes.
Medley – Own Choice.
Day 2 12 Band Final
MSR Minimum 4 Parted Tunes,
Medley – Alternate to Day 1

(<18 Bands)
Day 1 All Bands
MSR Set Maximum 4 Parted Tunes
Medley – Own Choice.
Day 2 All Bands
MSR Minimum 4 Parted Tunes
Medley – Alternate to Day 1

Malcolm (Ted) Brown-Scott – Music Board & Standards and Grading Group Convenor
Paul Brown – Vice-Chairman

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