RSPBANI Announces New Strategy Tagline

Building on the successes since our recommencement in 2022 with our “Rebuild, Restart, Rediscover” campaign, The Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association Northern Ireland Branch (RSPBANI) is pleased to announce its new branch strategy tagline which will be at the centre of everything we do.

Our branch’s mission is: to promote the culture and advancement of piping, drumming and drum majoring through education and competition to enable the wider pipe band community to reach its full potential.

Our aims, whilst fluid, are mainly focused on our passion for pipes, drums and drum majors as well as our people. Everyone has a role in achieving our aims and realising our goals as we go forward together into this season and beyond with all the challenges both on and off the contest field. Through focusing our attentions on things that matter the most, we feel that we can succeed better. We believe that every band matters, every contest matters, every college student matters, every tutor matters and in-keeping with our main passion, we think we can illustrate what matters most going forward with our new tagline “Every Beat, Every Note, Every Flourish”

Our branch is its bands and its people. Through the participation of everyone, all coming together with a shared passion we will strive to continue moving forward together.

“Promoting Every Beat, Supporting Every Note, Representing Every Flourish”

• We will continue to support our bands and players in the best way we can;
• We will strive to promote a musical community that reaches out to everyone;
• We will develop and maintain mutually beneficial and strategic partnerships with other bodies and organisations for the benefit of everyone;
• We will continue to promote and represent piping, drumming and drum majoring throughout Northern Ireland and further afield.

“Feel Every Beat, Hear Every Note, See Every Flourish”

• We will showcase musical excellence by organising solo and band competitions that provide a platform for all our musicians to participate, develop, entertain and compete;
• We will strive to ensure that our events are inclusive and give everyone an opportunity to experience the passion that we all share;
• We will focus delivery of our events in an effort to bring our passion and artform to newer and wider audiences;

“Learn Every Beat, Practice Every Note, Perfect Every Flourish”

• We will further develop our Pipe Band College so that every person in Northern Ireland has the opportunity to experience and learn piping, drumming and drum majoring;
• We will promote and deliver education and skills to a new generation of pipers, drummers and drum majors.

Any media enquiries:
Erinn McIlwaine
RSPBANI Press Officer

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