RSPBA Summer School 2023. “Wake up, shake up”

It’s time to wake up to new tunes and shake up the old ones at this year’s Summer School.

The Leads for Piping and Drumming this year are:

Piping – John Nevans Summer School Principal and Member of the College Board.

Drumming – Allan Craig is a Retired Grade One Leading Drummer and now works as a drumming instructor in schools in the West Coast Highland and Islands area and Fort William.

John is a member of the Association’s Pipe Band College and holds the role of Principal for Educational Experiences.

John served as Piper and Pipe Major in several Bands in the past stepping down from competitive Pipe Band performances in 2007 following five years of service with The Vale of Atholl Pipe Band.

John’s involvement with the Summer School goes back to the early 1990s and has served as principal for thirty of those years. In conversation with him, John relates that it is the pleasure of supporting other people in making the same journey he made, in their piping careers and gaining the same happiness he feels whenever he performs today.

A message from John:

If you have taken a moment to read this little biography then it’s because you are interested in taking part in our School. I have tried to make the week as varied and interesting as possible to allow you to look beyond what you know just now and look towards what you can be in the future.

Looking forward to meeting you in July

John Nevans

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