European Championships Registration Checks

As agreed at the last Meeting of the Board of Directors; registration checks will be made following performances of random bands at the European Championships in Aberdeen.

We would like to remind Members that Rule 3.6 states:

3.6. A computer printout showing all registered Band Members of that Band for the time being will be returned to the relevant Member which must be carried by the Pipe Major or his/her assistant at all contests or competitions. On receipt of the computer printout, the Member shall notify the Directors of any individual named on the printout who has ceased to be a Band Member. [2015 AGM]
3.6.1. The Pipe Major or his/her assistant at all contests or competitions on request of the Company representative make available the computer printout and assist in confirming the details tally with those who have competed. [2015 AGM]
3.7. No person shall be allowed to play in a contest who has not been registered as a Band Member for a qualifying period prior to the contest date. [AGM 2017]
3.7.1 The qualifying period for a transfer from a higher grade band to a lower grade band is forty-two days.[AGM 2017]
3.7.2 In all other circumstances the qualifying period is fourteen days. [AGM 2017]

Please ensure that you are in possession of the most up to date copy of your band registration printout in the event that your band is selected for the sample. This can be a paper or electronic copy of the register.

The findings of the sample will be fed-back to the Board of Directors at their next full meeting by the registrations working group.

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