Date set. Venue set. The instruction team is ready to go. Timetable set. Guests in place, and now the final piece, the Workbook.

The Workbook we use at the Summer School has received its annual tweak, and we are good to go. The workbook contains all the material, theory and practical, that you need to take you from level two to level five in the Associations PDQB/SQA learning series. This year we have re-vamped our tune list to include a few old favourites but also popped in some challenging compositions too. It gets released on Day One of the Summer School and sets the direction for each student’s personal journey of development during our week together.

This is where I gain so much personal motivation, knowing that I am walking this road with all of these people. Moving towards a better understanding and love of our music together.

John Nevans, Our Summer School Principal

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