The RSPBA Pipe Band College

Information Note

RSPBA registered pipe bands and their members should be aware that the Board of Directors has commissioned an independent review of the Association’s Pipe Band College.  The College is an integral part of the RSPBA’s constitution and is one of the important resources available in the interests of pipe band members.  Effective education and training is crucial to the success of existing and future pipe bands at all levels.

Review Terms of Reference
With the agreement of the RSPBA Chairman and Board of Directors the following Terms of Reference have been established:

To undertake an independent review of the current RSPBA Pipe Band College embracing organization, governance, financial considerations, achievements to date and areas for development; and to produce a report with conclusions and recommendations for consideration by the RSPBA Board of Directors, Branches, pipe bands and their membership.

Review Group Membership
The membership of the Review Group comprises the following individuals who have been invited by the RSPBA Chairman, on behalf of the Board of Directors, to conduct the independent review:

  • Alistair Aitken OBE
  • John MacInnes MBE
  • Robert Wallace

Before committing to being members of the Review Group each individual has confirmed that they have no involvement with committees, interest groups or pipe bands within the Association and have no interest in participating in any future formal capacity within the RSPBA or its Pipe Band College.  Each of the individuals has considerable experience of the RSPBA and in education and training at national and local level, including the development of learning resource material and programme delivery.

Scope for Consultation
The Review Group considers it critical to seek views regarding the Pipe Band College from as wide a range of interests as possible, including the RSPBA Directors associated with College, Education Officer, College Principals, Branch representatives, other relevant RSPBA committees and individuals, and pipe band members.  A questionnaire has been sent to the Secretaries of all RSPBA-registered pipe bands so that views can also be obtained from pipe band members in particular, whom the Pipe Band College is designed to serve.

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